Best Practices of Cleaning Medical Offices

Best Practices of Cleaning Medical Offices

One of the most vital duties of medical services providers is to ensure that the medical facility is meeting the highest cleaning standards. A clean and welcoming environment creates an immediate impression on the patients. It makes them feel that you want to take care of them in the best possible way. 

Moreover, private practices are highly competitive, so ensuring patient satisfaction by thorough medical cleaning in La Grange, KY, can help you stand out. There are cleaning standards for medical offices highlighted by CDC and OSHA. They aim to ensure patient and staff safety, reduce the risk of healthcare-related infections, and reduce cross-contamination. Further in this blog, we have mentioned key practices to get perfectly cleaned medical offices.

Disinfect busy areas

Surfaces in high-traffic areas such as waiting rooms, and receptions can collect bacteria, dust mites, and germs. Thus, staff must disinfect them regularly. Make sure to clean them by wiping them down with EPA-registered disinfectants.

The surfaces of high-traffic areas are drawer handles, faucets, cabinets, chairs, sinks, and more. When it comes to the reception area, don’t forget to focus on phones, computers, clipboards, and counters

Dust surfaces

When the surfaces have accumulated dust, it makes people doubt the cleaning standards of the entire space. Dust accumulation in medical offices can cause respiratory issues. Moreover, dust can carry germs and spread illness. So regular dusting of the surfaces can keep the space clean by preventing dust mites and bacteria from getting into the air.

Make sure not to use feather dusters as they can move the dust around rather than pick it up. A damp cloth, a small handheld vacuum, or a microfiber duster would work the best here.

Clean examining rooms

Examining rooms can allow cross-contamination between doctors, nurses, and patients thus they demand special attention while cleaning. Make sure to thoroughly clean the lights, countertop, and treatment chairs with a quality disinfectant.

When a patient leaves, wipe the doorknobs, cabinets, switches, and other areas that are prone to frequent touch. These areas can harbor germs if left unnoticed during cleaning. Cleaning them will provide the patients with peace of mind while keeping the staff safe from any kind of infection.

Clean bathrooms

It is common sense to clean the bathrooms however they often go unnoticed if the medical office is really busy. The level of bathroom cleanliness reflects your attitude towards hygiene. Paper towels lying around, soap stuck in the sink, and other unprofessional things create a bad impression on the patients who use your bathroom.

Make sure to check the restrooms regularly to ensure that they are perfect. Set cleaning schedule for countertops and toilets, sinks, and other fixtures.

Bottom line

The cleanliness of your medical office reflects the level of service you provide. It shows your ability to pay attention to detail. Medical office cleaning in La Grange, KY, is not only vital for the patients but it shows that you care about the people you are working with. Make sure to pay attention to the above details while cleaning the medical offices to get a clean and alluring medical office.

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